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Wills Smart VoIP Calling Card Solution : A New and Improved VoIP Switch

The Wills Smart VoIP Calling card solution is specially designed and developed with the need of service providers in mind. Our Wills Smart VoIP Calling Card integrates the VoIP solutions like Call Routing Services, VoIP Billing and Reporting solution, and Calling Card system. Our integrated Calling Card Platform enables service providers to efficiently manage both prepaid and postpaid services along with variety of other solutions.

Based on the SIP platform, Wills Smart VoIP Calling card solution lets Service providers offer error-less and outstanding PC to PC, PC to Phone, Phone to Phone, IP Device to Phone, IP Phone to Phone communication along with full-featured Calling Card services.

Our Wills Smart VoIP Calling card solution is fully compatible with all industry standard VoIP platforms and various types of end points. Phone Adapters, IP Phones, Softphones and e.t.c, can easily be registered with it. We believe in offering the innovative and advanced technology solutions which will help in the business growth of our client.

Calling Card

Included System Under Wills Smart VoIP Calling Card System

  • Softswitch
  • VoIP Billing
  • Calling Card System
  • Two day Remote Training Program
  • One month Remote support package

With the advent of VoIP, Calling Cards have become more predominant as rates can be reduced even further using VoIP. There are two types of calling cards, PIN-based and PIN-less. Users of both Calling Card types need to enter the access number (or DID) from their phone and follow the IVR system instructions to complete their calls.


We provide an all in one solution in one platform

In today’s highly competitive telecommunications market with a myriad of calling options for prospective customers attracting and retaining them can be challenging. By offering a suite of services that can be bundled and that can cross-subsidize one another, Talking SIP can help attract and retain subscribers while building loyalty through compelling, in-demand and empowering services. In addition, by being able to leverage Talking SIP’s flexible real-time VoIP billing engine for account level charges and graduated multi-tier rating, providers can influence calling patterns to more cost-effective times and creatively bill subscribers to help build back margin. Talking SIP’s streamlined calling experience, custom branding, ANI authentication/PINless dialing, rich IVR announcements, and web/telephone based e-commerce, and service level menu prompting translate into one of the most competitive prepaid calling card solutions available today.

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