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ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can answer questions, tell stories, produce essays and even write code. The chatbot is so sophisticated that people are suddenly starting to see the true potential of AI and how, for better or for worse, it could define humanity's future.

ChatGPT is an app built by OpenAI. Using the GPT language models, it can answer your questions, write copy, draft emails, hold a conversation, explain code in different programming languages, translate natural language to code, and more—or at least try to—all based on the natural language prompts you feed it. It’s a chatbot, but a really, really good one.

While it’s cool to play around with if, say, you want to write a Shakespearean sonnet about your pet or get a few ideas for subject lines for some marketing emails, it’s also good for OpenAI. It’s a way to get a lot of data from real users and serves as a fancy demo for the power of GPT, which could otherwise feel a little fuzzy unless you were deep into machine learning.

Right now, ChatGPT offers two GPT models. The default, GPT-3.5, is less powerful but available to everyone for free. The more advanced GPT-4 is limited to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, and even they only get a limited number of questions every day.


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One of ChatGPT's big features is that it can remember the conversation you're having with it. This means it can glean context from whatever you've asked it previously and then use that to inform its conversation with you. You're also able to ask for reworks and corrections, and it will refer back to whatever you'd been discussing before. It makes interacting with the AI feel like a genuine back-and-forth.

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