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Wills Smart Unified Communication System

Wills Smart Unified Communication system is the most advanced and reliable business communication system that is developed to enhance productivity through integrated communication experience of voice, video and Instant Messaging (IM). Enriched with robust and carrier-grade features, it offers richer user experience blended with corporate level efficiency. By connecting various communication technologies at one platform, the unified communication system provides the utmost quality of audio communication (Mobile) and video conference experience along with instant messaging server and softswitch. Based on the advanced technological architecture, our unified communication system is designed to provide the efficient collaborated business communication platform for small and big enterprises to manage their various business models quickly, expertly and consistently.

Interesting features of Wills Smart App:

  • Downloading Wills Smart VoIP App is free.
  • Provides end-to-end encryption.
  • Wills Smart VoIP supports group and video calls.
  • Available for both iOS & Android mobile devices.
  • Can function over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.
  • Offers Instant messaging, Voice, and Video call to other users.
  • Allow transmission of photos, documents, spreadsheets, and audio and video clips.
  • PSTN Calling (Landline, GSM Calling)
  • International Mobile Top up (Worldwide)
  • Video Conferencing in Android and iPhone App

Importance of OTT VoIP/ Mobile OTT App / Unified Communication and Collaboration

You can always knock on our door to request for our services on OTT VoIP/ Mobile OTT App/Unified Communication and Collaboration, the users can connect or call using the Internet. There are a number of benefits of using OTT VoIP/ Mobile OTT App / Unified Communication and Collaboration for your Voice, Video Conferencing, Group Chat, Instant Messaging, Geo Location and Presence.

  • Customer can easily communicate by using our Voice, Video Conferencing, Group Chat and Instant Messaging App.
  • You can get approximately 30% more customers as compare to only voice solution.
  • You can get approximately 30% more revenue as compare to only voice solution.
  • It’s feasible and can be connected from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.
  • You can use it for a number of purposes like you can make a conference call, video call and send Instant messages.

We provide an all in one solution in one platform









Included System Under Unified Communication System

  • SIP Server: SIP Registrar, SIP Proxy , Video , IM and Presence Server
  • Media Server : Voice Services, IVR & Conferencing
  • VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface
  • Calling Card System
  • Android Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)
  • iPhone Communicator (Voice, Video & IM)
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