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Ever since the CallShop module came into existence, the customers are taking good advantage by using this service throughout the world. The Wills Smart VoIP CallShop solution offer its client to provide prepaid and postpaid VoIP calling services from their Call shops or Internet cafes all around the world.

With the flexible, robust and simple to use Call Shop module and web based management tool, Wills Smart VoIP possess a long experience in Call Shop market world wide. Our module is fully compatible and easily gets associated with the wide variety of VoIP devices to offer seamless call shop services. Wills Smart VoIP helps callshops or Internet cafes owner to get good ROI with the lowest possible International calling rates by using our advanced Call Shop module.

All the Advanced Features for Profitable Business


n advanced Call Shop supports flexible routing (LCR, Percentage & Prefix Based Routing), live call monitoring, dynamic invoicing and billing in addition to the basic features of a typical Call Shop solution. In addition to VoIP/SIP phones and PC Softphones, advanced Call Shops should also deliver service via smartphones and tablets enabled with a Mobile VoIP application.

Overall, an advanced Call Shop gives more control over the Call Shop business enabling service providers to generate higher margins at lower risks. Further, it offers tight security against data breaches and call fraud.

VoIP is the most efficient technology to deploy in a Callshop business as it enables the services to be provided across multiple Callshops whether owned by the provider or in a hosted configuration using a centralized platform. In addition VoIP allows multiple SIP trunking carriers to be utilized to ensure the most cost-effective routes are used for call termination based on destination. IP phones, traditional phones and softphones can all be used to facilitate calling from the Callshop and attendants are typically provided with a graphical console or web portal to process billing, customer settlement, receipt generation and booth resets.

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